Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna in Łodz
(University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz)

University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz has had the status of an institution of higher education since 1993. It is the biggest non-public school in Poland and offers its students a wide range of faculties and specializations. We have the rights to organize studies in 11 faculties, offering our students many different specializations, constantly updated according to market demands. In 2007 we gained the right to award PhDs in the following fields: linguistics in the field of humanities, informatics in the field of technical sciences, and plastic arts in the field of fine arts.

The UHE is the academy of modern technologies, boasting a professionally equipped publishing house, television studio, outpatient clinic and printing house, as well as the biggest – among non-public schools in the region – free-access library. We are the first and only school in Poland that offers a specialization in Mainframe Systems – virtualisation, transaction, mass conversion etc.

The Polski Uniwersytet Wirtualny (Polish Virtual University) is also a part of the UHE. The PUW educational platform is a chance to gain qualifications, without the need to commute or disturb everyday duties and family matters. To learn more about Polish Virtual University lease visit:

The UHE in Lodz is also a lively centre of cultural life. One of the most active art galleries in the city, the PATIO Centrum Sztuki (PATIO Art Center), is also a part of our University. To learn more about the center please visit:

Students of journalism and social communication faculty publish a youth magazine called Slajd. Working on it allows secondary school students get a journalist experience. To learn more about Slajd please visit:

To learn more about University of Humanities and Economics please visit: