We are happy to welcome new Erasmus students at AHE! Despite the very special circumstances we face these days, these students from Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran and France managed to fulfill their dreams to study in another country. Congratulations and enjoy your stay!


Erasmus at AHE during pandemic

Erasmus exchange this year was suppose to look completely different! How are our foreign students who stayed in Łódź doing during #covid19? Have a look at this video by Margarida, Liliana and Filipe from Instituto Politécnico da Guarda.

Erasmus+ student from Spain did internship at school in Lodz

Students of the Erasmus + Program in AHE in the field of Pedagogy have the opportunity to conduct their internships at the AHE partner school - International Primary School for Innovative Education (MSPEI). We invite you to watch the movie showing this interesting international cooperation. The film was made by the trainee of the Erasmus+ Program from OTH Amberg-Weiden from Germany - Fabian Knobloch, who does his internship at AHE under the Erasmus + Program. The main character of the production is Josep Antoni Jorge Císcar from Florida Universitaria from Spain. Thank you to our students and MSPEI teachers, especially to Ms Agnieszka Małek and Ms Julia Banaszkiewicz- Włazińska, for their commitment!

Academic Year 2019/20 begins!

We are very happy to welcome all the Erasmus+ and International students at AHE! Have a look at the Introduction Week video- we believe they already like it here



We are very happy to begin new spring semester 2018/19 at AHE!

Students from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, India and Latvia arrived in Lodz to spend their Erasmus+ studies here.

The Introduction Day was combined with Fat Thursday, so that students could get to know Polish tradition and try out some delicious doughnuts!

After that everyone went bowling :)

Our first Erasmus+ trainees have finished their mobility period at AHE successfuly

We are happy to inform that our first Erasmus+ trainees have finished their mobility period at AHE successfuly!
Thank you to Hulya Erez from Turkey and Timo Rinker from Germany for the effort they put in this internship!
Students conducted their traineeship in International Departments of AHE.

“It was amazing experince to do Erasmus+ intership at AHE in Lodz. I had a lot of chances to improve myself in my field. Also, I had oppturnities to get communication with international students and staff working in AHE. They were really friendly and helpful every time during my internship. By the way, the city is so attractive that you can find a lot of places to see around. When you come here, just live your life”.
Hülya Erez, English studies, Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey


“Staying in Lodz and working for the AHE was a great experience. I was able to evolve more skills in my profession in a free field. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of international students while working with different faculties in the university. The people at AHE are very helpful and provide a peaceful spirit. The city itself is a very intersting place to be: heavily historical, sometimes rough and sometimes beautiful. If you have the chance to get here and discover this place, I highly recommend you should! But don‘t forget to bring your jacket ...“
Timo Rinker, Media Production, OTH Amberg-Weiden,Germany


We are happy to announce the official begginig of 2018/2019 winter semester in AHE! The Introduction week took place for both Erasmus+ and International students. AHE is going to host over 200 students coming from Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Belarus ,Ukraine, Nigeria, Tunisia, Kazakhstan and many more countries from all over the World. Students played some icebreakers games to get to know each better and participated in Light Move festival, which is organized in Lodz every year. They had opportunity to see the shows with colorful lights in the city centre of Lodz. The most interesting part was the city game that students played to discover the most important places in Lodz. All of us had a lot fun with this activity! For the end of the Introduction week, the Inauguration of Academic Year took place. International and Erasmus+ students celebrated the Inauguration in traditional togas and birettas!

Erasmus+ mobility for teaching

Mr Remzi Tufecki from our partner University Abant Izzet Baysal in Bolu, Turkey has visited AHE under the auspieces of Erasmus+ Programme. He met with the students of English studies, the Deputy Dean of English studies Olga Majchrzak, the lecturer of AHE Mr Marcin Jaźwiec and the Erasmus+ mobility Coordintor Ms Agnieszka Laskowska.
Mr Tufecki conducted classes on the following topics: Learning in cultural context and Language as an international tool.
Thank you for this highly informative meeting!