The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe, bordered by German to the West, Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South and Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast to the East. Poland’s northern border is defined by the 528-kilometer coast of The Baltic Sea.  


ŁÓDŹ Region

Strategically located in the centre of Poland (and Europe), the Łódź Region is an area of great economic, scientific and cultural potential, benefiting from the nearby intersecting main rail and road junctions, and the recently modernized and expanded Łódź Wladyslaw Reymont Airport. Not only is it a location of upmost importance to potential investors, but it also influences academic society. The Region, especially its building capital, Łódź, is one of the major academic centres in Poland and is an important member of the international academic society.

With its robust logistics infrastructure, the largest cluster of household goods production and distribution in Europe, numerous financial institutions, shopping malls and modern research centres, the Łódź Region has gained new investors, developed the AME sector, and improved the co-operation between academic and business circles. The Region, therefore, is a very attractive destination for those who want to study and gain their first working experience. The level and the quality of education offered by Łódź schools open a world of opportunity for people willing to pursue a dynamic career or set up their own business.

Łódź is not only offering top-quality education, but also an exciting cultural and artistic life of the city, with its numerous exhibitions, festivals, concerts and other artistic life of the city, and other artistic projects. For the last several years the city has hosted a number of international events such as Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, the Arts Biennale, the International Festival of Photography in Łódź, the Plus Grand Prix Jazz Melomani (so-called Jazz Oscars), the International Festival of Comics or the Annual Festival of Tourist Songs – YAPA. Apart from academic and cultural opportunities, the region offers a wide range of attractive trails for trekking, cycling, kayaking and horse riding.

Cultural and entertainment is found predominantly in the city centre, along Piotrkowska Street. Here you’ll discover the branded fashion shops, more than 100 pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos and cafes. Just visit Łódź and start an exciting journey!